This weekend I had the privilege of being around a special needs, child and I learned some things. I learned that I am not as loving and compassionate as I should be.

At church when the pastor said something about if somebody has prayed for you stand up. I stood up and I noticed my youngest daughter sitting and I told  her somebody has prayed for you so you need to stand up.  I thought about how I had concerned abortion when I found out I was pregnant, and  how I prayed when she was once month old and hospitalized and the doctors were unable to figure what was wrong with her. I would go to the chapel at the hospital and pray.  Even thought my family didn’t tell me they prayed during this time for my baby I know they did.

I thought about how I have taken for granted that God has blessed with two healthy normal daughters. I  know I don’t thank Him enough.

My Dad confronted  me about my lack of  compassion towards the little boy. I felt bad. I ask that if you read this you pray for him and his family.

This morning as I thought him I thought I am sure with his diffculties  his mother still considers him a gift from God. I thought how much God has given her in character.


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