I have always been a romantic at heart, before I was saved Song of Solomon was my favorite book in the bible. When I was a teenager it was my favorite book of the bible to read I would quote various verses. When I got married the second time I used a verse from Song of Solomon on my wedding programs.

As a teenager I didn’t have boyfriends who were thoughtful enough to give me valentines gifts. One year I finally received a sterling silver bracelet. I was so excited til my best friend told me my boyfriend stole it from her. In 1992, I got married a week before valentines day, we thought about getting married for valentines day, but we thought the court house would be to crowded. For valentines day I was excited to buy my husband a card. The night was a foreshadowing for the rest of the marriage we had a horrible fight and I ripped his card in a fit of anger.

In 2000, I got remarried a few days before valentines day , so I was not expecting a present at the grocery store my husband bought me 18 roses. Once we got home I was putting them in a vase and I told him, ” Honey they gave you too many”. I did know they they sold a dozen and half. He laughed and I took a rose to work the next day and took a picture with a digital camera for him.

I have had some nice valentines day’s where I received gifts, they made me happy. I have also have experienced valentines day trying to fulfill romantic fantasies I couldn’t afford.

At work I have given valentines cards to my co-workers, The year I gave crosses was the best. I was scared but my oldest daughter encouraged me. My daughters and I made foam crosses for me to hand out at work. I figured since Jesus is Love, it would be filling and I also thought my co-workers may need some encouragement with developing a relationship with God. As my co-workers displayed the crosses on there desk I was surprised and encouraged that I had allowed God to use me.


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