Lessons from my Parents

Today my daughters told me we have learned a lot from you. I asked the youngest one and then the oldest one, what did you learn from me. My youngest daughter told she learned to never give up. My oldest daughter told me that you have pay a price for greatness.

I thought about what my parents have taught me.  My mother has taught me to be a researcher.    My dad has taught me to be a hard worker.  Both my parents have taught me that loves hopes, love endures all things. They taught me lessons about love through their marriage and through their relationships with me. God knows I have put them through and some ish of it has been intentionally.

When they divorced when I was younger, I was so angry and bitter. Over the years as they have tried to help me I  have rejected them. I  didn’t want to forgive them.  I felt they had hurt me to much and I was not going to forgive them and allow them the opportunity to hurt me again.

My fear of being hurt affected all my relationships. I couldn’t trust others and I pushed people away.

My friend has asked me over and over again do I want my daughters to be like me,  do I want them to be unforgiving of the mistakes I have made.  I always tell her, “no I don’t want that”. She insist I must because that is what I show them.

I know the bible deals with many cases of children who did not honor their parents. Samson who knowingly gave his parents defiled food. The honey he shared with them lion’s caress. Then David’s children Amnon raping his half-sister. Adonijdh sleeping with his father’s women.  Rachel stole her father Laban’s idols and hide them. The Bible tells us the price for dishonoring your parents is an early death.  Samson, Amnon, Adonijdh and Rachel all died early.

I have to think about Esau he was not very bright at least it seems that way since he traded his birthright. He lose his blessing due to decent though.   Even with his rage against his brother Jacob Esau would not sin and dishonor his parents by killing his brother while his father yet lived. Unwise man knows to honor his parents unlike a fool.


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