Yesterday I talked about God given talents and how they are gifts.  I began to think about the definition of the word gift.  I also wanted to fit in with the theme of love  some bloggers are using this month.

God loves us so much he, gives us some many gifts. It’s amazing. We have the gift of life, of love and so many other gifts. Jesus is a gift that God has given to us.

I am reading What’s the problem with Jesus and it discusses the significance of  Jesus existence.  I wanted clarify if Jesus could really be considered a gift and I looked up the word gift in Webster’s dictionary. Webster’s defines gift as  a notable talent  capacity or endowment. Jesus definitely was a notable talent, He was  having an engaging conversation with the Rabbi in his youth.  He was a healer, a  teacher, and son of God.

He loved the world enough to die for people in it. The second definition for gift is  something voluntary transferred from one person to another with compensation. Jesus gave his life was us. He transferred his righteousness. The final meaning is  act, right of giving power.

My favorite part is where Webster discusses synonyms and it states gift implies special favor or nature of God.

So as bloggers discuss words that are essential to love, gift is in that category because love is Jesus and he truly is a gift.


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