Artist as Muse

I am excited about February it’s such an awesome month with celebrating valentines day and black history.  I have noticed a lot of blogs are dealing with the theme of love and of course I post my reflections on the topic of love.

I was thinking about writing about compassion it was topic on another blog I read. Then I thought it’s not an emotional I feel familiar with. So I am going to attempt to deal with passion.

Today I was watching television and channel surfing. I saw Shepard Fairey the artist behind the Obama “Hope” poster. He was talking to Charlie Rhodes about how street art was his passion even though he studied more traditional art in school. Now thanks to Time magazine using his picture for the cover,  Fairey is releasing a book with his art work.  His  passion for art (gift ) has brought him before great men( the president and magazine editors). The princples God  sets in action happen in the natural world and spiritual. I have no idea if Fairey is christian or not but I can tell you  I see God’s princples in this situation.
It was his passion for art that kept him working on it. It made me think about the phrase I have heard often, “your gift (passion) will make room for you”

God knows I was in need of confirmation of his promise. Isn’t it wonderful how I can be flipping through the channels and God can use what is on television to confirm something for me.

Proverbs 18:16

A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.


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