The In Crowd

I enjoy going to a local christian dessert bar and lounge called the InSpot.  I was there for the grand opening  and the owner made a reference to  those of us in attendance,  we were the in crowd.  At the time  I didn’t realize that he was talking about how Christianity was inclusive. Before Christ we  had different labels: ethnic,  and soci- economic groups , and gender after Christ we were all able to become christian. The realization hit me tonight as I was reading Eternity Matters.INCROWD

That is interesting because I am working on  a press release for the book ” What’s the problem with Jesus”,  an evangelism tool for christian to share with lost souls. Since I don’t want to be one of those christian that leaves readers uneducated.   I want to bring people out of ignorance as I bring myself out of it.  Lost souls are people who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

A lot of people know Christ but that does not mean they have a relationship with him. I know Brittney Spears to but I don’t have an inmate relationship with her. I am striving on a daily basis to have a relationship with Jesus.   Ironic that one of the chapters in What’s the problem with Jesus is  ( Living daily for God) .

Another chapter title that caught my  attention was  Laying the foundation. I thought about  my autobiography,  The Big Block Goes on Top, the story of   the how my life was impacted by a  lack of foundation. Thought about  I went to church but I didn’t really understand, salvation.

For years I was to busy practicing idolatry to even listen to God.  I was just going through the motions going to church. Now I really am in the IN Crowd. I want that personal relationship with God. I have been reading His Word to hear His Voice.

God is awesome you don’t have to say anything, dress a in a specif style , have a particular  income, live in a certain neighborhood to be in His  In Crowd, just believe that Jesus Christ lived and died for you.


One thought on “The In Crowd”

  1. yes i belive you to add it up are the way we dress, talk, were christians goes matter alot. From what i read here, youre educating me at same making me know that christainty :(saved:) means work. Teaching and services.

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