My Purpose

I am part of an online book reading club and we are reading books from self-published authors. Currently I am reading Pushed Into My Purpose ( How God moved me from fear to VICTORY) by Wanda  L. Childs. When I saw the title I thought I should read this because I am seeking my purpose. I have been looking for my purpose for years. I really began actively seeking it since October 2006 when I went to the Leading Ladies retreat.

When I started Reading chapter 2 ” Trusting God in the Middle of the Storm”, I thought she is telling my story. She discussed suffering many set backs in one year.  Last year was my year of set backs. I must admit I set myself up for the set backs I suffered last year.

In her book she talks about how she was scaried about being an  entrepreuer.  I know my ex- husband mention to me that I should think about being an entrepreur before.  The women in his family had been entrepreur and they were successful so he was not scared he wanted to embrace the idea.

In my family there was only one business owner a distant cousin. I thought I didn’t want to be an entrepreur because  I didn’t want the responsibility. Now after ten years of working in customer service I realize that I want the responsibilty. I want to work where my opinions will be valued. I want to get things accomplished with out a  lot of supervision. I realize I excel in that type of  environment and I love sharing good books and ideas with others.

Since I have been fired from three jobs last year for three different reasons. I have became clearer on my purpose. I learned that I enjoy feature journalism and interviews. I have embraced being the person that loves to tell some one’s story.

My focus and  my consistency unfortunately are my weaknesses. God is dealing with me on those as I write this post.

You know As I looked at the title to this book today. I wondered if God had pushed our new president into his purpose.

I know we are suppose to keep it postive in the 09.

Create Women business owners


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