In college I took many classes about Journalism. I remember the class I took where we had to decide which pictures should be published in a newspaper. When I was reading about the US Airways plane in Hudson. It made me  think back to class.  I know technology is changing how news is captured. The photo which will probably win and award was taken by a citizen photo journalist with an iphone. What caught my attention about the whole situation was.  The comment I took the picture first and then tried to help people.

It is this responsibility as a journalist that has been sometimes think journalism is not for me. When I worked at low power television station in Ponca city Oklahoma, as part of the little on the job training I received. I  was told that if I saw a bad wreck I would be required to video the whole think until the ambulance carrier the person away and  the police cleared the scene because  the tapes could be turned over to the insurance company.

The few times I did capture people being taken away by parademics at the scene. I thought if that was me I would not want to be on the news. I felt like I should be trying to help the people not getting them on camera.


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