Fox Network

When I was in college Fox Network was becoming number one. They presented shows that were marketed to a different audience than the traditional broadcast networks. I took a class on Fox to try and figure out what Rupert Murdoch secret was. I had already became a big fan of The Simpsons.  Now I know people were not please with The Simpsons because Bart was a bad influence on young children. Bart and Homer Simpsons have managed to become pop culture icons.  It was not until a few weeks ago that I realized there were some good aspects to the Simpsons.

My other favorite show on Fox was married with Children. I could relate to the characters. My favorite characters on the show were Al and Kelly Bundy.   Despite the lower class and Al was not happy being married, divorce was not an option.   I could relate t Al’s desire for more and frstated that it didn’t occur. I considered myself quite the little dumb sex pot like Kelly.

Fox broadcasting pushes the envelope more with Family Guy. You can see that the show was influence by All in the Family. From the opening where Margie is playing the piano like Edith Bunker. Chris Griffin is much like ” Meat Head” and of course Meg is like Gloria.  Peter Griffin is definitely a know it all like the patricah of  the bunker family. Like Archie Bunker, Peter Griffin and his family are not know for being political correct. The show at times seems to endorse racist and sexism  stereotypes.

It is no surprise with programing like this that Fox network would push the envelope in the form of news. Murdoch previously owned print news papers that were considered gossip rags. It is no wonder that Fox is unable to provide Fair and Balance view points for news.

For more information about the Fox boycott follow this link


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