Wives and Mistress Friends?

When went  got married I knew it was suppose to be forever but  I never thought about how if didn’t last forever it would affect everyone. When I got divorced I wanted to move on with my life and find a step-father for my daughter, but I never thought about having to deal with step-mothers from the perspective of being the wife and  husbands illegitimate child mother  ( baby mama).

I have had friends that tell me I need to develop relationships with my daughters step mother and future step mother. As I really began to think about developing a relationship with these women for my daughters sake. I thought about Sarah and Hagar. We know that Hagar began to hate Sarah after she became pregnant.  Sarah treated Hagar harshly because of her jealous Hagar.

Sarah tolerated Hagar until she had her own child of promise ( child born according to God’s will).  Once Issac born and Ishmael teased him as siblings do, Sarah became upset and told Abraham to get rid of  Hagar and Ishmael. This grieve Abraham but after consulting with God he did as his wife requested.

Ishmael was not born according to God’s will. This does not mean God did not love Ishmael he did because he provided for him when Ishmael was crying in the desert.

The next biblical case study about anything outside of traditional marriage is Leah, Jacob and Rachel. We know that Jacob loved Rachel.

Rachel had Jacob’s love but she was still not satisfied you can see that because of the names she gave to her children. Again the children were  effected by this situation. It lead to Joseph’s brothers selling him into slavery.

I am not saying that woman in these types of relationship can’t get along but it is not easy because divorce and remarriage are outside the will of God. Thank God he doesn’t give us more than we can handle. He does not excuse us from the natural consequences of your actions.


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