Domestic Violence

” Is  it true the ribs can tell The kick of a beast from a Lover’s fist” A kind of Love , Some Say by Maya Angelou

When I was in younger I would sit on the steps and listen to my grandmother’s nephew and wife argue and fight.  My grandmother’s nephew was verbally, emotional and psychically abusive to his wife. I thought to myself as I listen I would never allow any body to treat me like that. I thought I will fight a man if tries to hit me.

When I was 17 years old I started dating a guy who, would push me when he got angry.  I didn’t like it so I broke up with him. Then two years later I  began my personal experience with domestic violence. At first I was shocked and angry wondering how someone that I loved could treat me like that. I justified the behavior because when I was anger I would go into a rage, so I should understand that  he felt the same way he just acted on it.

I had been wanting  to deal with this topic since October Domestic Violence month.  I have attempted to write this post twice and it has been difficult for me.

At church last Sunday this little boy was pushing a little girl. I told him you, ” You NO Better than that!” I explained to him that boys were never to hit girls it was never okay during an circumstance.

What prompted to me to publish this post  finally was looking at one of the gossip blogs. There was a video about a rap artist who had psychical attacked a woman. I know the bible is against gossip but I’m still human.

I understand that the hip hop culture is very mysgnostic, but condemn violence against women. Women are the mothers, sisters, daughters and lovers of those in the hip hop culture.

I know some believe the bible is not against domestic violence, but there are plenty of verse to provide us with the knowledge that God is not please with domestic violence. In Ephesians  it tells husbands to love your wife as Christ loved the church. We know Christ loved the church so much he was willing to lay down his life for her. He prayed and wanted the best for her.

Colossians  states that a mans prayer petitions will not be granted if he does not treat his wife with respect.

Domestic Violence should not be tolerated. It’s affect on our local, national and global community is to costly. From the lives lost, medical bills and  impact on the homeless situation.


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