People’s Stories

Today I was suppose to interview and author but I forgot about the time difference and ended re- interviewing a founder of a non profit that I did a story on before. We have been trying to get this interview done since October. I guess God decided today was the day I most needed to hear what  she had to say.  It’s wonderful to listen to people that have allowed God to use them for his purpose. They have such interesting stories.

The lady I talked with today afrimed for me what I heard in a retreat for Leading Ladies in 2006 . She told me when you are doing God’s purpose the resources show up the people and items you need. You don’t have to work for it just be willing to allow him to use you and be faithful.

For me listening to stories of people who had a dream a vision and now it’s reality is encouraging . I think maybe they will share something that will be the key for me. I have been waiting for  years for God to select some one around and take them from ordinary to extraordinary. I n hopes that  I will be next.

I confessed to her I am not feeling that He is opening up any doors for me right now. She told me about how what I had written he helped her ogranization and how the information I had shared with her about other resources was good.

She told me that she has to get out of her comfort zone a lot of times to do God’s work. That scared me. I know this blog has taken me out of my comfort zone some. When I thought I wanted to be  writer I never thought I would write as much about God. I know I started off writing for my church newsletter and they encouraged me to pursue journalism, but I wanted to write for a magazine at first, then I wanted to be the next Spike Lee with Spielberg’s money. Now I want to do news and public relations with emphasis on faith based and non-profit organizations.

After I started this blog I began to share about my relationship with God. Those post received the most view and still today receive the  most views. Some days I struggle with I don’t want to share this, people are going to think I’m crazy. Oh I’m telling all my business.

I do believe it’s God’s will.

As I was writing my next article about the homeless ministry, I felt good. I really feel good. My youngest daughter talks about how I am always sad.

In the People’s Journal Site I want to tell more human interest stories.  I want to tell those stories that rarley get told. I want share the stories of the homeless.  Stories about  the vicitims of domestic violence that survived.  Stories that inspire and encourage at the end of the day.

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