Proverbs 13:24
Those who love their children care enough to discipline them. (NLT)

When I was  a teenager I didn’t like staying with my father he was more focused on discipline than my mother. When I became a parent I realized even more how much I disliked discipline and I struggled to discipline my daughter. I know the bible says spare the rod spoil the child.

I thought I will get married and that would solve my problems I would be free to be “the fun parent” and the other parent could be” the bad guy.”  It has not worked out that way.

Today on the way to church, the radio Angel was talking about parents of teenagers need to understand that they can not be friends with their children.

On new year’s day. I had a huge argument with Louie over the information  I share with my children. He told me I talk to them like they are adults instead of children.  I told him that I did not want to lie to my children about anything and I simply answered their questions.

What I realized is, that my children know some much about areas of my life that should be private is because I don’t enforce discipline which leads to a lack of privacy and respect for me.

Here I am considering myself a parent and christian and I am not teaching my children to obey the one of the ten commandment. Yes, I have read verse about children should obey your parents to them, but I have not put in action behind it.

My friend told me in 2006, that  I needed to make my children respect me. Now God has given me a warning that is he is about to judge me on this behavior. I am thankful for his grace that I have some time to make a change.

Inspirational Quote

Better late than never.


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