Monopoly (Family Time)

I have always liked the game Monopoly. When I was younger I asked for Monopoly for Christmas but being an only child,  I didn’t have many opportunities to play the game. When I got married my husband and our roommate played the game. I have never won a monopoly game.

I like monopoly because of  it’s the only time I ever get to feel rich except for income tax refund season. I like the game and I like the Charles B. Darrow’s story, he was unemployed when he invented and nobdoy thought people would be interested but he became a number one board game.  It appeals to me be because I always cheer for the underdog.

Tonight the person who won said I won because I played and I had a strategy. I thought I never thought about playing the game with strategy. I also had never thought about living with strategy.   In my late teens I set some goals but they were only about materialistic things. In my late twenties was the first time I ever set any goals.  My husband at the time pushed into it. I still have yet to achieve some goals on that list. I have noticed the last few years where  I have set goals have been better. At least I can see I made some progress, I did a few goals for this year.

Life is kind of like monopoly you don’t get to pick where you start, you go  don’t sit still long and you take chances.

Random Statement

When was a teenager my friend told me, ” This ain’t no monopoly world you living in the egg shell with pantyhose”

Inspirational Quotes

Do It Now


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