Birthing out our Destiny!

“All art is a kind of confession.” -James Baldwin, American author and activist

I started this blog in April of last year after reading about blogs. I didn’t really know what to write about and some days I still don’t.  I asked my friend to read it one day and she did.  She encouraged me to write everyday and for a while I did. I have used this blog to gain experience and share my personal story. I have shared my heart on Syinly’s weblog that was just another wordpress weblog.

One day I decided to share about my experiences as I trudge the happy road of destiny. I feel more like I stumble through Christianity.  I  never intended to share so much on my thoughts about God.  Don’t get me wrong I have always wanted God to use me. After hearing a sermon one Sunday at church following my high school graduation. The sermon was directed to youth and encouraged us to consider God while considering our career choice. I knew I wanted him to use, just couldn’t figure out how he would.

I had been thinking for a few weeks my blog needs a theme. I had been wondering what the theme for 2009  would be also. My encouraging sister from college every year comes up with a theme. Yesterday, she reveal to me the theme would be Birthing out our Destiny.

My reply was birthing something is hard work, last year was difficult. I don’t want any more hard work. I decided to make it the theme for this blog because I am sure I will share my personal experience as I give birth to Destiny for Ly Syin.


One thought on “Birthing out our Destiny!”

  1. I am being confronted about my lack of forgiveness, so the hard work has began for me already this year.

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