When God created the Earth he created man first and later created woman. Before woman existed God and Adam had time to commune together. Adam had been giving the responsibility to name every creature and to rule over the Earth.  God gave  Adam the responsibility of  headship.

Headship is often confused and misunderstood. Headship is not domination as patriarchy would like us to believe, but orderly leadership. Just as with leadership it is not effective with out followers.  If the leader is  tyrant or dictator he does not get the best results.

A leader is responsible for  or covers his followers. A  leader  must answer to a higher authority regarding his abilities.

When a man marries a woman before the ceremony begins the official ask who gives this woman.  This questions is posed because the responsibility for her covering is transferred. When this responsibility is abducted it creates a problems. It is also a problem with the responsibility is abused and the leader becomes a brute.

When a child is born especially a female child, her father is responsible for her. Her father is to be her priest, her protector emotional and psychically and her provider.  When she gets married this responsibility transfers to her husband.  God shows us in His word, what is to take place prior to marriage.

When Abraham’s servant went to find a wife for Jacob we learn that it was important to ask the father for his daughters hand in marriage. The servant spoke with Rebecca’s father and brothers before she was ever asked if she was interested in marrying Issac.

When Jacob wanted to marry Rachel her father Laban had to agree. Though Laban tricked Jacob and gave him Leah instead of  Rachel.

When a husband abdicates his responsibility it creates problems. When Abraham feared for his life and asked Sarah to only acknowledge that she was his half  sister, God covered her.  He kept pharaoh and the king from having an intimate relationship with Sarah.   Abraham son Issac also asked his wife to pretend to be  his sister.    Rebeca could have  became  bitter about this and it possible lead to a breakdown in communication between her and Issac.  This is possibly why she used  trickery to try and help Jacob get his blessing.

Men  have  difficulty with obligation. There is evidence of this in Adam’s response to Eve eating the fruit. He did not want to admit  he failed her  as priest and protector.


2 thoughts on “COVERING”

  1. Yesterday, I posted this and someone asked why I was inspired to write this. My reply was hurt. Hurt was my inspiration for for writing about covering. When I was younger I didn’t understand my father’s desire to cover. I eloped and my cousin asked me didn’t I want a church wedding. At the time I didn’t think I needed God’s opinion about marriage. I realize now how wrong and out of order I was to step from under the covering( protection) He gave me.

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