Lydia a Christian Business Woman

It is amazing  that in 2016 we are still debating  if women are  qualified  for certain positions.

During  a previous election cycle the debate about the role of women was revisited when the conservatives in the Republican political party decided to nominate a woman for vice president. It’s interesting that we question a woman’s femininity based on her decision to work outside the home.

For me personally, it has never been a question of whether a woman should or should not work outside the home. My grandmothers worked outside the home and my mother works outside the home.  The working women in my family just like the working women in the bible were instrumental in introducing me to Christ.

The Bible mentions the Proverbs 31 woman worked and Lydia worked.

I was reading another blog about a young Christian woman who has decided it is time to become a business owner and that was my inspiration for this.  After I read her blog I thought about Lydia and the woman described in Proverbs 31.   I am really encouraged by Lydia her name is close to mine, Ly Syin.

Lydia sold material  (purple cloth) and after she accepted Christ she began her hospitality ministry. The text states she heard Paul preach when woman were gathered, but note that her household was baptized. This is an example to us that  woman should have influence in their household. After Paul was released from jail he taught the men of the community at Lydia’s house.

It interesting that people think or somehow get the idea that God didn’t want women to be in business or government, when He gives clear examples in the bible that women are to be active leaders  and that their opinion is important and their work valuable.

We as a society want to  judge a woman’s femininity based on her vocation. In the bible, women were involved in various occupations from tent maker, cloth making , ministry and politics.

Empowering  women,  especially  Christian is vital to the stability  of our families  and our global community.