Jenny Like Sarah (Marley & Me)

On Christmas day I watched Marley and Me.  I really didn’t want to watch the movie but after I rode metro link to the Galleria it seemed like the best thing playing that was not a total kiddie movie.

I watched the movie and I even cried.  I know crying at movies  it shared happening after I was pregnant with my oldest daughter and has stuck since.

I was reading some christian stuff online and I realized that Marley & Me was  a rare movie.  As I watched I didn’t think about in the age of adult movies how this movie was truly something for the whole family.

The movie is based on a book about the life of John Grogan’s family and their beloved pet Marley.   The christian article I read online mentioned  John’s marriage and how the film dealt with that while.

In the age of shacking up and baby mama/ baby daddy drama, it’s nice to know that marriage is still a good thing.  Hmm maybe that’s because it is a godly thing.

The character Jenny played  Jennifer Aniston was very much an example of a christian wife even though, the movie did not show the Grogan’s at church or praying. Jenny was encouraging to her husband. She gave him a pep talk before his interview at the daily paper in Florida.  Jenny had a vision for her family and she showed wisdom in dealing with her husband.

When she tried to blame Marley for their problems she realized what was happening and she accepted ownership for what was going wrong.

Jenny was a decidcated mother that why she decided parenting was more important than working. When John wanted to make a change she followed him with out protest when they moved from Florida to the North East. In the Bible Sarah followed Abraham will out protest.

When Jenny knew the John was a writer and a columnist, but when he wanted to try his hand at  being a reporter she didn’t discourage him.  Sarah didn’t tell Abraham he was stupid when asked her to pretend to be only his sister. She submitted and did what he requested even though she know it was a sin to lie.

Jenny had saved John’s columns from when he was in Florida and encouraged him to turn them into a book. Jenny was very much a submissive wife.  She like Sarah followed her husband.  She had miscarriage and Sarah did not.  Sarah did have to deal with a delay of starting  a family.

Both Jenny and Sarah were encouraging to their husbands and both women were deeply in love. They maintained control over their households. Jenny and Sarah were true help mates because they helped the men in their lives achieve their destiny.

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting: but a women who fears the Lord is to be praised. Proverbs 31:30


2 thoughts on “Jenny Like Sarah (Marley & Me)”

  1. Hi Syinly,

    I saw it with my family and shared similar thoughts. Lots of good family themes, though it would have been great to show the value of a Christian worldview in all of it.

  2. Do you some one love pets. Hire if that saw I can give you a clue to see this wonderful movie to see. how a pet gave love to a family and what they really ask from god. Marley & Me (2008) is that movie I saw the movie on it will be fascinating adventure stuff by a dog. It was the movie with lovely idea.

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