I think Sojourner Truth stated it best in Ain’t I a woman. She raised awareness about the difference in perception of femininity in regards to non white women.

It is unfortunate that women of African American descent still have to chose which part of their identity to embrace.  bell hooks discusses this constantly through out her books.

In my previous post I  talked about how working outside the home was never a question for me or women in my family. Working outside the home was mandatory for African American woman during slavery.   A few generations later we are still trying to shed the myths regarding African American womanhood that came from the period in time.

God created all females equally.  After Eve was created God did not go back and change the way he created women he did not change anything about men, either.

It saddens me that black women in 2008 are still perceived differently.  In our own culture we have to assert the right to be treated as women and not sex objects.

It is obvious that we are perceived differently. When  you listen to or  read media reports about Michelle Obama.   I do understand the media recently has not been kind to woman much.   Sarah Palin was portrayed as ignorant. Hillary Clinton was label as bossy and  Michelle Obama has been called sassy, and ferocious, and aggressive.

Mrs. Obama’s recent comments about protecting children earned her the ferocious label.  Had those same comments been made my a  non-African American women.   The media would have a accused her of nothing more than being a caring mother.

Sarah Palin a self proclaimed pit bull was treated with more respect by the media. The media constantly questioned whether their was a lack of respect for Palin or not. There much discussion about why she was not referred to as  Governor Palin.

As African American women we have to look to our sisters to affrim our womanhood. Thank God for Sojourner Truth and Maya Angelou

Just because I’m dark skinned doesn’t mean, I ain’t a woman. The color of my skin doesn’t matter. It doesn’t make me less feminine. I am woman! I will no longer be denied the respect I am do! I am woman!

I Am woman ain’t I! I am loving and beautiful. I am woman! I am woman with beautiful breast and ample hips. I am woman, phenomenal woman, as Maya would say. I am woman ain’t I? Ain’t I as gentle as a flower like a white woman, just because my grandma may have worked in the fields like the men, don’t mean I ain’t the picture of femininity. I ain’t no Mammy, I ain’t no maid. I ain’t no jezebel. Just because my great great aunt may have felt the sting of a whip doesn’t make me less feminine. I am Woman! I am woman, not a caged bird like my great grandmother. Today I can sing because I am woman, the picture of femininity. That’s why I’m Miss America because I am woman the picture of femininity. I am woman! Phenomenal woman. Ain’t I?

From I am Woman Ain’t  I


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