When I was little  Paul ( My grandfather) would spend hours looking at program books from fairmount race track and writing numbers in note books. I started call it tracking. Sometimes he would win money at the race track.  My uncle on my dad’s side of the  family loved tracking just like Paul.

A couple of days ago he was talking to me and my cousin. He told us we were like race horses that were prancing during the big race. He said every time we say a person of the opposite sex we would get distracted. He told us the other person would be trying to finish the race and we would be trying to get their attention. He said we get so distracted we go backwards on the track  run around the track several times but never finish the race.

I thought, wow I didn’t know there were so many lesson from horse racing.  As I was writing this I thought about the one of the recent horse races where a female horse came in second. My Dad explained to me usually they don’t let the girl horse(mare) run with male horse.  He explained that the girl horse aren’t as powerful and they can’t keep up usually.

That’s interesting I feel like the girl horse that lost the race my heart has given out.

Thank God that in humans they are to walk together side by side. I don’t think men are stronger, men and women just have different strengths


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