God can use anyone pt 2 (eunuchs)

I was talking to my friend about how God uses favor in the bible. I realized in three instances were favor was shown he used eunuchs. The Illustrated Everyday Bible Companion defines eunuchs as men who have been emasculated. The function of  a eunuch would be like a modern day butler he was in charge of the kings household belongings.

In the story of Esther, she was helped by the King’s eunuch to win the King’s heart. The eunuch did not really no Esther it was God’s favor that made the eunuch want to help Esther.  He helped Esther by giving  her nice quarters to stay  in and also she consulted the eunuch about what to take with her when she saw the king.

Another story were God used a eunuch to help was with Daniel, the eunuch agreed to help Daniel maintain his special diet.  The eunuch took a risk allowing Daniel and his friends to eat fruits and vegetables only, when the other men ate choice foods from the king’s table.

As  result of this diet Daniel and his friends looked healthier than all the other young men.  The end result was the eunuch was pleased that the king was pleased and Daniel counselled the king using his gifts of wisdom and vision.

Another biblical story that had a profund impact is the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch. Philip preached to the eunuch and through the eunuch the message of the gospel of Jesus  Christ spread through Ethiopia.

God use anyone to accomplish his agenda they do not have to be saved. God was able to use three emasculated men to accomplish his goals. Through the eunuchs God’s people were saved , in the case of Esther there lives were spared.  I am sure Daniels relationship with the king influenced how the captives were treated.  As a result of philip meeting the eunuch a whole received the good news about salvation.

For more information about Philip and the ethopia eunuch and the eunuch in the book of Esther read A Griot’s Journal through Black Biblical history


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