As I prepared to write my previous post looked on line to find out information about eunuchs. I knew they emasculated males. I had heard that before and that is the meaning I got from The Illustrated Everyday Bible Companion.

As I shared on line the search results for eunuch in the bible lead to sites saying God loves gays.  He does I agree with that, but the sites went on to say He was using homosexuals in ministry. The sites equated homosexuality to being a eunuch. According the definition in The Illustrated Bible Everyday Companion a eunuch could be born emasculated or made that way, decide to be  emasculated so they could focus on serving God.

 I do believe God can and will use anyone to accomplish his agenda.  What God states about the requirements for ministry and homosexual unfortunately don’t mix. There is nothing about being emasculated pyshcially that means they are homosexual. I don’t see where the confusion is coming from.

Emasculation is a about a power struggle. That is why it was  used for lynching victims. Those who were lyched were accused of having raping white women.  For more information about Lynhcing Read Sword Among Lions


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