Homeless People work

I was watching the Science the channel last night and they were showing the construction of the Science Academy in California. I thought about when they were building the new Aquarium in Atlanta. Most people that visit the Aquarium are probably not aware that a lot of homeless men and some women were on the construction crew. The irony is some of the people who helped build probably can’t afford to take their families to the aquarium.
It’s interesting that people who observe homelessness from the outside think if “those people just  need get it together”. It not quite that easy as I have been reading some of the 100 neediest cases in St. Louis and I read those every year to increase my gratitude. I have noticed that over the years there has been a change now most of the neediest people work. The Neediest are no longer the welfare recipents and disabled only but families were people are under employed full time or part time.
It is unacceptable to me and should be unacceptable to americans that anybody who works should have to be homeless. Even in slaves and share croppers housing was provided.

Employers are not concerned that at the end of shift some employees have no home to go too.

Now I can say when I worked at hotel and someone in housekeeping was homeless the General Manager did try and help her get hotel accomandations at another property.

Homeless people should just get a job, Being homeless creates more stress on workers. They have to be concerned about being to have stability that is necessary to function.


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