Family Bonding | Forward This Picture To Your Friends
My six year old picked the picture, but Christ is definitely in Christmas.
Last weekend

we had to decide which Christmas party to attend. We had been invited to three parties. We decided to follow my daughters choir to  International Winter Wonderland  at  The Youth& Family in North St. Louis.

We had a personal tour guide that gave us information about Christmas celebrations around the world. We learned that in Australia the presents are hide on the beach like and Easter egg hunt.

I had meant to write about this before and I forgot about it tell my daughter came home today with a little booklet they made at school Celebrations Around the World. I wondered why yesterday she came home with a wreath with candles on her head. I realize now they were learning about Christmas in Sweden which is St. Lucia’s Day.  Our tour guide told us about St. Lucia day at the winter wonderland celebration  attended.

We also learned about Christmas traditions in Brazil and Nigeria. Our tour guide through winter wonderland told us in Brazil they attend a  midnight mass and have a feast.  In Nigeria they have a feast and they don’t value present like we do in the United States.   In Nigera they spend time with there family and attend a church service.

In Germany, Christmas is know as Saint Nicholas Eve. I as familiar with German tradition from taking German in grade school and high school. In high school my classmates would sing Oh  repeatedly. I always tease my children and tell them Santa Claus should be more like Saint Nicholas and leave a switch and a lump of coal if they are bad. I do like that their Santa Claus at least makes you think about Christ since the children write letters to Christkind.

We learned about Christmas in France and how the children thier shoes in front of the fireplace.

We had a snack a hot dog and chips. Then we took our family picture with Santa Claus. Apparently, somebody had to much eggnog because they had a sign asking Ladies not to set on Santa’s Lap. Unfortunately greed also affected the festive spirit because parents left with trash bags full of toys. Now it was the  not the intention that children get toys for Christmas but that there be so many per family.

It made me think about the Christmas party from Hell that we went to in 2002 at the Marriott Downtown. 500 guest were invited by 1500 people showed up.

What I found most interesting about the packet my daughter received at school is that it mentioned non-christian winter  holiday traditions.  It mentionedkwanzaa, which has nothing to do with Christ.  I thought is this to imply that African American don’t believe in Jesus.


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