The first time I really thought  about fasting for spiritual reasons was when I was in college.  I had called my Dad and told him we didn’t have much food.  He told I should fast and pray. I told him I was not even thinking about anything like that.  In college I did not attend church and rarely attend the chapel services held on campus.  I did eventually participate in bible study.

Today I was reading about the Daniel fast and I reflected on the use for government or politic  situations.   There are several stories in the bible about fasting. Esther fasted before she approached King .  She and her servants fasted three days before she approached King about what Hamen was trying to do ( kill all the Jews).

When Daniel and his friends were taken into captivity as King established his new government Daniel fasted. Now in  the United States we are preparing for a transition in government ( the president elect to take office next year). Maybe Daniel’s idea would be fitting for such a time as this.

Just like in king Nebuchanezzar day our government is in need of the best of the best and brightest( having skill in all learning and wisdom). We would hope that our president elect will set himself apart from the others. As a country it might be a wise idea if we repent from corporate greed and other other sins, like Daniel wanted repentance for the people.

It’s interesting that our president elect has a new vision for US .  According to the book of Daniel after vision comes after repentance.

The story told in the first, ten chapters of Daniel deals with importance of wisdom, being set apart, repentance and vision. Daniel provides instructions on how to get clear vision.

It’s interesting because as I think of my relationship with fasting . I  noticed while I was doing it I felt closer to God and more hopeful. I think for those brief periods of time my vision was clearer.

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