God can use any one

Yesterday, I was reading various blogs as usual. One was about Gandhi. There  was a lot of discussion about his good works. Sadducees and Pharisees thought works would be enough but Jesus set the record straight. God has used so many people to fulfill his promises. He uses people we least aspect to do good works that change life as we know it.

When my car broke down on highway 75 in Atlanta while I was homeless. This lady named Peggy stopped to help me .  She had track marks on her arm. When she released my car wouldn’t start.  She shared with me she wanted to help but she had warrants and we needed to move fast. She  explained to me she did not drive in downtown Atlanta , but that she would take us to her house and have her boyfriend take us back to the shelter. At her apartment she feed my children watermelon which is all she had in her refrigerator.   She instructed her boyfriend before dropping us off at the shelter to take us to Wendy’s and get us something to eat. I will never forget that God uses a drug addict to rescue us when we needed a ride. Peggy shared with me with  that she felt compelled to help us.

Noah was  a drunk but can used him to preserve human kind and the animals, when he flooded the earth. Moses was murders but can used him as deliver Israel. Rahab was harlot but she hid Israels spies. God can use any one for his good.

Until I read the blog yesterday I had never thought isn’t it somethhing that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a baptist preacher was influenced by a hindu, named Gandhi. King took a good idea that was in a different religion and incorporated it into his civil rights movement.


One thought on “God can use any one”

  1. . thank you for this write up Ly GOD CAN!God can use any one,DEPENDING; so when we position ourself for good HE use for good but if wrongly, then what is written on proverbs 16:4 comes in,but dont take wronlgy remember GOD created everything GOOD,but just a simple instrution DONT,so if we choose to live by our self we making a BIG MISTAKE,, let us remember that lot is cast into the lap but every decision is from GOD

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