If Samson were a girl

There have been two popular song lately about girls wondering if they were the opposite sex. Ciara’s song  Like a Boy and Beyonce ‘s song If I were a boy.  I have to admit when I was younger I didn’t think being a girl was great. I thought boys had more freedom.

I have heard seen and read the story of Samson in the bible, but it wasn’t until today that I realized I have a  lot in common with him. There are many lessons to be learned from his story about relationships. Samson did not allow God be to first in his life.

He showed disregard for God’s ways when, he ate the honey from the dead lion and offered it to his parents as well. He had relations with a prostitute and his relationship with Delilah.

Samson-like I was an only child.  Samson-like I had a calling on his life. ( Though God has a purpose for everyone). Samson-like I  mistook lust for love. That’s why he wanted to marry a woman he didn’t really know. Then he decided to go with a prostitute and finally he fell in love with Delilah. Samson didn’t get to know the women he was involved with. His wife’s  friends advised her to trick him.

He knew Delilah did not love him, but he still keep the relationship going. Even if he thought it was consequence he first time he Philistine showed up at Delilah’s by the second time he had to get suspicious. I have dealt with unrequited love to many times.


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