Riding the Marta

This week I was reading an article about how in Chicago they are trying to discourage the homeless from raining the train. I thought about how I rod Marta in Atlanta when I was homeless. Once it got cold I started riding the train rather then sit in the park or at the day shelter having a transportation pass and being able to ride the train was a blessing itself. I was able to stay warm and dry until it was time to return to the shelter. God blessed me while I was riding the train several times.

Once a man on exiting the train at the airport gave me his umbrella, he told I could use it more than he could. God lead a  man on the train to  give  me ten dollars and I was able to buy diapers and cheetos that we had for dinner. Another time a man gave me some money while I was waiting on  the platform. He told me God put it on his heart to give it to me. I used to  buy something to eat at CNN center after church.

I am not saying to give all the homeless people on the train money, but I am encouraging to you be accepting of them riding the train if they have a vaild pass or have paid the fare. If the Lord leads you to bless them then do so.

At the times in my life when I think God has done nothing big for me. I think about these events and then I know he has blessed me in a big way.


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