Christian Duty (Helping People)

I enjoy reading other christian blogs, they encourage and inspire me. Sometimes they even convict me about things I need to change. As bloggers we have so much power. The word is our weapon and what do  we use it for.  I have come across a few blogs that are advocates for change. As Christians, God has giving us so much but to whom much is given much is required. I know I have a page on my blog to advocate for the homeless. A fellow blogger who I read often advocates for pro-life. I have been reading a lot about homosexuals and God.

Abortion and homosexuality are important issues, but homeless and hungry people is something we don’t have to wait for a miracle to handle. God has equipped us to address these issues. I know Churches and non profits offer many services to help the homeless, hungry, and poor.  What can we do as bloggers and readers to help is the question. I realize all of these issues have been around Before Christ. Changing people is God’s work, helping people is something we can do.

Let’s take a few minutes and do something about hunger today.


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