Mountain Top Experinece

Today at church we had a guest preacher and he preached about mountain top experienced. He shared with us that you start your climb up the mountain in the valley. He explained that valley people wallow in the dirt and trash. They refuse to change.

I was reading Judges to research for another post and I realized how right, he was. I noticed that Deliah was from the valley of Sorek.

He explained that Christians have mountain top experience. He told us about the first recorded mountain top experience, which was when Abraham went up Moriah. He talked about Moses( Man of the Mountain) many mountain top experiences. Moses life changes after his encounter with God at Mt. Sinai and his life needed at Mt. Nebo. He shared that you should take everyone to the mountain but you can’t take everyone up with you. You have to take a select few up with you, because everyone is not ready to go to the top.

The Preacher shared that Jesus had several mountain top experiences.

Don’t forget there is Value in the Valley, the experience can teach you somethings.


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