Thanksgiving Reflections

When I was younger I looked forward to thanksgiving for the wonderful desserts. My maternal grandmother would make delicious apple pie and coconut cake. They were my favorite. As my grandmother and mother cooked I would watch the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade on television.

My paternal grandmother made a great apple too. I was also excited to see my cousins because I was an only child and didn’t have anybody to play with. The most memorable Thanksgiving was when my adult cousin pulled a gun on my teenage cousin who had stolen clothing and other things from an uncle.  I do fondly remember the year Paul ( My grandfather ) was asked to say grace and he said, ” Jesus Wept”. My grandmother’s nephew who was a deacon said we could do better than that.

I remember the first thanksgiving with my ex-husband family. I enjoyed having thanksgiving more with his family than I ever did with my family. His family was not as exciting as mine bu I enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere.

I remember the Thanksgiving I was homeless. I didn’t want to stay at the shelter all day. I called Louie ( name changed for privacy) twenty times to make sure he was coming to get me and my youngest daughter. I didn’t want to spend thanksgiving with strangers. We spent thanksgiving with his cousins.

Last year I worked for Thanksgiving at Walmart.


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