Gay Rights

I have been reading and watching on television about proposition 8 and gay rights. First I must confess.  I do watch Ellen’s talk show .  I aware that she is gay. I wish she was not. I thought she does a lot of good works. She makes me think about the Pharisees and Sadducees, but as a christian I works with out faith is dead. Faith meaning she would accept Jesus Christ and all that He stands for.

I was talking with a relative and they said I don’t see what the big deal is christians are making a mockery out of marriage why not allow gays to do the same thing. I thought wow, your married don’t you believe in marriage. Then I thought 33% of christians are divorced.  It does seem that gays aren’t the only ones making a mockery out of marriage.

I have to admit I have made a mockery out the second time I got married I got married for better or better. I know I was going to stay for worse. When I was asked in pre-martial cousenling if my bethroe became a vegtable would I stay. I knew I was lying when I said , ” Yes”. I rationalized that everybody lies about that question.

To my question,  Why shouldn’t we Christians let gay people get married? In the Genesis when God decided to destory Sodom and Gomorrah he didn’t send a prophet to warn the people. Gay people know right from wrong just like everybody else God created.  God did hear the people’s cry about what was going on. Just like he hears our cries today. Abraham did try and intercede for the people of Sodom and Gomorrah as we should intercede for gays today.

Just like God allows us to choose this day life or death we should allow others the same right to choose. He rules over the just and unjust.


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