I am thankful for…

I started off this morning saying I was going to do my I’m thankful for post and I got side tracked. I was getting ready to go bed and I realized I still had not done. I am working on a another post that hopefully I will publish soon. Today I am thankful for a room to clean up. I realize I do not to have shelter ( a roof over my head.) So many people don’t have that now.
God is working on me about being a third generation pack rat. My grandma mother use to hold onto everything but maybe it was because she lost so much in her life. Most of her siblings died before she was grown. Her mother died while she was a child and then as an adult she lost her father and then her first husband. I never really thought about that till now. That had to affect who she was.
My mother is also a pack rat she saves everything.
I am truly a pack rat I hang on to paper. I hang to old feelings to long. I am loyal to long in bad relationships. I love to long in those bad relationships. I hang on to insanity to long. I keep anger to long and it turns to poison.
Spirituality, emotional, and physically I struggle to declutter my life. Today I am thankful that I can feel hopeful that one day, I will no longer be a pack rat.


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