New Cause

This time last year I was so excited. I was looking for to a new beginning because of 2008. The spiritual significance of 8 is new beginning. I have experienced a new beginning just not quite the one I thought. The year began with me losing a job, a theme that continued during the year. I gained focus as a result.  I got a life coach that encouraged me to figure out how to start living my dreams now. This year I have been able to focus on how I can make money doing what  I love to do. I have a desire to encourage and empower people.

I have know for a few years now I desired to encourage and empower people but I felt I had nothing to give.  In 1998 after graduating college  I told the interviewer  after I became a professional I wanted to encourage and empower people. I have been trying to figure out the best way for me to  empower and encourage since then. I have had more distraction and obstacles. This year after reading some about Robin Roberts I realized  my mess was my message. You would think I would have figured that out after starting work on my autobiography.  That’s another idea I had for a long time and didn’t do anything with until 2006. My co worker encouraged me to share my experience about being homeless. I had already started writing about it even in the midst of being homeless. I began to write and I realized I had to  tell the whole story, because you don’t just wake up homeless one day. Something has to happen to cause it.

I realize it is time to adovacte about some other personal areas like child support.  My parents were divorced and I am divorced so it’s something that I know about from personal experience. That is why I added a new page to this blog child Support ( Ishmael’s Cry).


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