I think a post on teaching bible press is the best Halloween post.

I thought today I would reflect on Halloween past memoirs. I remember in grade school my mom let me go  trick or treat. She didn’t really believe in letting me go outside. I dressed up as spiderman. I always got boys costumes, one year I was superman.

One year my mother did let me have a Halloween sleep over it was great. My uncle put on a mask and scared us.

I remember my first Hallelujah party. I dressed up like a mi

The Halloween I will remember is the year my oldest daughter wanted to go trick or treating. I decided to go back to Atlanta. The greyhound bus left at 8pm , so she was not able to treat or tricking she cried all the way to the bus station. I felt so guilty. I felt a little nervous about riding 13 hours on bus on halloween night.

I was going to post this earlier but I had to take the kiddies trick or treating.


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