This is another post dedicated to what I learned at the Institute of Marriage Bootcamp. Bishop E. L. Warren talked about the three different types of communication styles.  People who learn by what they hear are audio learners. Then some people are visual learns. They learn and communication by what they see.

I had learned a little about each education styles in college. This was a good refresher. I am a single but I believe what I learned will help me to deal with my family. I know I get frustrated dealing with my older daughter because she is more kinesthetic learning and I am audio a little kinesthetic. I am a linear thinker to and so trying to see another person point of view is difficult for me sometimes.

My father and mother are visual leanrers, so we have diffculty communicating. My father is very visual he wants to see goals and results. Learning this has helped me realize why we have some of the clashes we do. I am not a visual person, so I am not very goal and results oriented. I think being abstract is also a difference I have with my parents. My abstract thinking shows my kinesthetic side.

Bishop Warren shared some other interesting concepts about 3 fold cord of a healthy marriage, communication, commitment and anointing.

According the Warren  as husband is help his wife reach her greatest potential, to head the family, to protect to pray and be a intercessor for his wife.

Interesting Quotes

Females come with fee’s- The basis for this is  a man needs to make enough to provide for his wife

Divorce people divorce the Word– They no longer believe in the Word of God.

Healing is the process

Hurt people hurt people

Hurt people hurt easy


2 thoughts on “Communication”

  1. Communication is the key to any successful marriage because it is a medium through which each of the partners in marriage, expresses their minds.

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