Let’s pretend we’re married

When I was in middle school,  Let’s pretend we’re married by Prince was my favorite song. The lyrics endorsed fornication and cohabitation. I thought I couldn’t wait to act out my own version. At nineteen, my AA sponsor advised me it was better to marry than co-habit so I got married. Since I didn’t get married for the right reason my marriage did not last. Divorce has affected four generation of my family, but I still believe in the institute of marriage.

With this being an election year, there has been much discussion about civil unions and same-sex marriages. I don’t agree that it should be legal.  Even though I can’t tell you about successful marriage I can tell you about unsuccessful relationships and two people in the same role is unsuccessful, both people in the marriage can not be the husband or the wife.

I don’t want anybody to think I am prejudice against gays, but relationships are wrong just like fornication, adultery, incest and any other relationship that is morally wrong. I enjoy watching Ellen and she does a lot of great things but just like Pharisees and Sadducees work without Faith do not please God.  Faith is hope is belief and hope. You must believe all of His word.

Society is already destroying itself because the institutional of marriage is not honored anymore.  50% of American marriages end in divorce.   I have not even begun to research the emotional, financial, or spiritual aspect of divorce on families.


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