Encourage the oppressed

I have been wanting to write post for a while but my internship at the largest African American weekly in town and a other blog are taking up all my time. I thank God that people are enjoying TeachingBiblePress. It is so wonderful to see my gift of encouraging working for Good. I have been the foolish  woman that Proverbs talks about for so long it’s great to have something positive.

Today I went to church and the minister preached Isaiah 1:10-20. She also reminded us that it is our christian duty to vote. It’s funny I have been thinking I wanted to be an advocate for the homeless this year I have done three stories about non profits that assist the homeless. I have also dedicated a page of my blog too. I have joined Change .org end homeless campaign.

When the minster read the scripture for this morning, “Seek Justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.” Isaiah1:17 I thought that I need to volunteer at an organization that helps the homeless. Before I didn’t want to because it seemed to close and brought back to many painful memories but now I think I am ready. Things are not the way I want them as far as my housing situation but I am not in a shelter any more and my family’s home finally feels like my home to a little.

Before I always thought the church had ministry to the homeless and seniors because it just seemed nice, but today I realized it is what God requires of his people.  As the holiday’s approach please think of ways you can support nonprofits that help the homeless. Just think of if you were homeless and living under those circumstances. Don’t you think it’s very hard. WAKE UP AMERICA the time is now!


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