I attended a painters graduation Friday and it inspired me. One of the graduating had been a mentor for the group. As he gave his remakes it was evident that the group inspired him. The graduates ranged in age form young to old. I really hope all the graduates find a job, but especially the young people they stated the program got them off the streets. So many young people did in St. Louis I am glad that a few of them have found something to get them off the street.

Following the graduation I went to Lucas park since I was downtown. I remember why I was so fond of the park when I worked at St. Louis Public Library I would frequent the park at lunch. The downtown residents did a great job cleaning it up.

As I sat on a bench composing my thoughts a woman was yelling about she didn’t have no boyfriend, she didn’t have no home and she was using a lot of profanity. I thought about the complaint about the behavior of homeless in the park behaving bad. While I was writing this a young man came over and asked me what I was doing. He also asked me if I was a police investigator. I told him I was down town to and I wanted to check out the park because it was been in the press so much lately. I told him I had been bloging about homeless. I also told him I was an intern with a local weekly paper.

As I sat on the bench in the park I noticed the homeless people luggage trash bags. I remembered the day I had to get my stuff from one shelter and take it to the other. I felt so embarrassed sitting in Centennial park with a trash bag. I tried to sit where I would be seen by less people.


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