Fugitive in My Neighorhood

This morning my mother told my oldest daughter to make sure I walked her to the bus stop because something was going on. At the time I didn’t realize a murder suspect was had abandon his vehicle in our area. Before we walked out the house to the bus stop my mother told me there was man who had murdered a 12 year old boy was on the loose. I asked her is he white or black. She replied he’s black young guy. I went online to get the story. My daughter got on the bus with no events. Next it was time for my youngest daughter to go to school. Another parent at the bus stop informed me the elementary school was on lock down and that meant the kids would not be released until the man hunt had ended. We debated on if we should send our children to school. We also talked about what we thought the fugitive might do. My neighbor said the fugitive should just turn his self in. I told her he was probably concerned because police aren’t always nice to African American males.

I walked and contacted the middle school my older daughter attends. She had not wanted to go to school for fear of the school being on lock down. My dad informed their were checking cars.

I watched the news as I heard the helicopters over head. The news was providing to much information. I sure the police wished they would go away as residents of my neighbor watched draw weapons and run around. Residents must have been calling every time they saw a black person because the news reported they were getting 5 calls for every half hour. The anchor people did live telephone interviews with residents and released their first and last name.

This incident made me realize how interactive technology has people. The news anchor were talking about residents in the chat room demanding answers. Residents of my neighborhood were also able to watch a live feed from the news helicopter.

While I have been composing this post. I saw footage of the 27 year old murder suspect being apprehend he had snaggin pants. You would think if he was running from the police he would pull his pants up so he could really run.

It is my prayer that even thought the fugtive even he is a murder suspect be treated okay. Taking his life if he did kill the 12 year old boy won’t bring the boy back.


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