Today is October 7, the last day to register to vote. You know seven is the number of completion. Voter registration will be completed today. Voting is important for everyone but it is especially important for women, Christians, and African Americans. Now I am in all three of those groups so I really need to vote. I know I have been lacked in the past about voting for local and state issues but not anymore because I understand the price that was paid by African American and others for me to vote as African American. I have read about voter registration drives in the Jim Crow South. The movie Mississippi burning about Chaney , Goodman and Schwerner drove it home.

I recently read another blog that talked about women’s suffrage. I am famailr with women’s suffrage as well being a former feminst. I learned more about women’s surffrage in college while learning about one of their vocal african american advocated Sojourner Truth.

As a christian voting is important because God told us to obey the laws of our law. If we have the opportunity to select who will make the laws we must obey it would be wise to excerise the vote.

If you are not register do it today and if you next month Vote, even if you don’t like the candidates it’s your duty and the price has been paid for you to be able to vote.


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