The Bible supports women in politics

It’s an exciting tine since the republicans decided to make history and select a woman for the vice president. I am not endorsing Palin ,but it’s interesting the talk about can a soccer mom be an effective vice president. Thursday night after I watched the Vice Presidential debate. I thought about how his presidential race has made Americans think about sexism and racism. I have been thinking about sexism in poltics for while, there has been a lot of discussion in blogs about women in government. I believe a woman (not Palin) can be an effective vice president. I refuse to believe that women do not belong in government. In Biblical days Deborah was a judge and wife. She was an effective leader that the people and the military respected. Barak would not go to war with out her. I guess the idea of a woman commander and chief is not ludicrous. Proverbs 31 tells us women can be business and family management as well as community service. It supports the idea that women can have many roles in society. The Bible is full of examples of strong women. These women were great leaders without sacrificing any feminine qualities. The Bible also has stories about women who used their femininity for manipulation. This is what Palin did Thursday night to cover up her weakness. Geraldine Ferraro of the democratic party said Palin showed American that women could hold her own in a debate with a man with greater leadership ability. That it was a Monet in history to be remember. Even before Christ, God gave us examples of strong female leadership. If only politicians read their bible that’s another post.


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