To whom much is given much is Required

It seems in our society to whom much is given, the more power they have to consume. The United States is in need of a bail out because of our Greed. Trickle down economics has failed to work. It seems now that we have taken God out of everything we are forgetting the lessons, that we should have learned in Sunday School. That our christian duty requires us to remember. In Matthew 25:14 Jesus tells the story about about three servants who are given talents by there master. The servants are not given equal amounts of talents. Notice they are not arguing over you got more than me. The story doesn’t tell us about them being jealous of each other. The first two servants were responsible and they doubled what they were given. The master was pleased. He praised both servants equally. The third servant was scared to take risk so he hide the talent. We are so in love with capitalism that we are scared to take risk to change our society for the better.

This makes me think about Residents of the down town redevelopment in St. Louis. They have so much and they are so scared to risk change. A group of residents have spend a lot of effort getting a petition to move the homeless the same pettition could have been to bring more jobs to the area, to bring more affordable housing. Soon there will be a small business center opening to assist the homeless so there will be more Christopher Gardners and Tyler Perrys. Will the down town residents use there talents to help create more wealth in the community?


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