My Dad has asked me many times how do you make a good decision. My Family thinks I make the very few good decisions which is unfortunately true. I have wondered why I make so many bad decisions.

In Wide Awake Erwin Mc Manus states ” After leaning the hard way, I keep reminding myself, if I have to make a decision before I’m ready just say no I’ve made my worst decisions when I was put on the spot.”

That has been so true for me when I feel under pressure I make bad decisions. What Mc Manus doesn’t sate is making bad decisions causes a chain reaction. At least for me when I make a bad decision that causes me to sin my life goes down hill for a while.

In 2006 I totaled my car and My Dad offered to loan me money to get another car. I didn’t want to borrow the money at first because I knew I would not want to pay it back. I felt pressured to accept the money because I needed transportation to work and we live in an area where there is no public transportation. When it was time to pay the money back I didn’t. This started a cycle of sin I didn’t honor my parents. I lied about not having he money to pay the loan back. I stole the money since I didn’t pay it back. As a result of my actions I had to deal with some consequences, a strained relationship with my Dad. I felt guilty about what I had done and I rushed to buy another car, because of guilt and  my Dad repossesed the car so he could get his money back by selling it.

God forgives but he doesn’t release us from the consequence of our actions, but his grace and mercy help us deal with the mess we made. The car was recently repossessed. Thank God, now I don’t have to be constantly reminded of my guilt, but I still have to deal with the situation ( pay for the car). The fact that the car has been repossessed prevents me form making more bad decision, related to transportation. If I kept the car  I would be trying to hide and lie and commit a lot of other sins. I would have been driving the car and at this time I can afford insurance or personal property tax. God does say that we should follow the laws of the land, so I would have violate that principle.


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