Dream Crushers

My friend emailed me that she was organizing a community service project. Her project is a wonderful idea to provide a retreat to empower and encourage teenage girls. I quickly replied to her a couple of locations I thought would be suitable to hold the event. She replied to me the venues I suggested were too small, because she wants to have 200 girls and chaperons. My first reaction was she is not going to be able do all that.

Then I thought about Shark Boy and Lava Girl. It’s a movie about Max, a little boy who rather dream than participate in life. Max’s classmate Linus steals his dream journal and turns his dreams into nightmares. The characters in Max’s dream Shark boy and Lava girl are so distraught about the nightmares, they ask Max to restore their peaceful dream world. Max confronts Linus about being a dream crusher and encourages him to believe in dreams again.

I realized instead of telling my friend her dream was impossible I need to encourage her. I thought I should share Bruce Wilkinson the prayer of Jabez with her. Jabez wanted God to give him more responsibility and the resources to handle it. God granted Jabez petition.

I also thought about Wide Awake by Erwin Mc Manus he talks about to often we dream to small. God wants us to dream bigger.



One thought on “Dream Crushers”

  1. Hey girl I like the random things that came to mind to enable you to bring insight to your thoughts. God is good. We ARE powerful beyond measure! I have been waiting for such a time as this for this type of responsibility to bring about inspiration, motivation and change. We have approx. 300 women at our women’s conference and our youth are even more eager to join in for a fun and entertaining event where they can get fed. I am so grateful for the vision God has given to both myself and my PWG sisters. Keep blogging as this story unfolds.
    Have a wonderfully blessed day!

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