God in a box

I have always been a control freak, but there have been times in my life when God let me know I was just human and not God.  I came to the realization   was when I was a teenager. I was going home from a date and instead of calling for a ride I accepted a ride with a drunk driver. The guy stole twenty dollars out of my purse and threaten to kill me it was the first time I realized I was mortal.

During  philosophy class in college, the professor asked did we think God had a vagina or a penis? At first I was shocked, after I got over the shock. I realized he was trying to get us to think about how we viewed God. I realized I viewed God as a white male and being an African American female the history between those two was not good.

I realized I need different view of God, that worked for me. During college I alcoholics anonymous meeting and around the tables they would always say don’t put God in box(meaning don’t limit what we thought God was capable of .

I started reading Wide Awake by Erwin Mc Manus and I realized that I had still been putting God in a box. I didn’t realize how narrowed minded I was. Wide Awake is making me realize that God is everywhere (omnipresent and omniscient) and not just looking down on us from heaven.

Favorite quotes from Wide Awake

A dreamer. A dreamer who dreams of a better world. A dreamer who dreams of a better world and risks everything to make it happen.

…how Jesus changed the way his followers actually engaged life. He launched a movement that unleashed previously untapped potential in those who believed in him.

He created an environment  where his disciples began to believe the impossible and soon found they were turning dreams into reality.

He became a movement of dreamers and visionaries called and compelled to dream of a better world.

Question from Wide Awake that makes you think, ” Imagine this; the future of Humanity could be an idea in someone’s mind right now.”

Read Wide Awake


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