Pro- Life Pro Choice (What about the Children)

Since I was having  Bloggers block I have been highlighting older post. I was recently reading  Angry black b**** blog and ran across this story about how Missouri is doing a disservice to  our children and I thought now is the time to repeat this post.

I was reading other blogs and this being an election year there is a lot of talk about abortion.  I am not going to try to convince anybody to be pro-choice or pro-life. I will share with you I have been pregnant twice and considered abortion twice, but I have two beautiful daughters now. The media always ask questions about are candidates pro-life or pro- choice.  The media does not inquire about are you pro children.  Where do the pro-choice/ pro- life people stand on health insurance for children. There   3.1 million uninsured children in the USA. I don’t think body on the either side of the abortion debate is standing for them because that number is too high.

There’s some information from the Children’s defense Fund website

The Scorecard highlights Congress’s failure to override President Bush’s veto of legislation to extend health coverage to 3.1 million more uninsured children. But it also credits Members for making important progress for children and families in 2007 by passing:

  • The first increase in the minimum wage in a decade, bringing it from $5.15 to $7.25 an hour by 2009, which is expected to benefit the parents of approximately 6.4 million children under 18.
  • Access and quality improvements in Head Start to help more young children start school ready to succeed.
  • Additional funds for student loans to help many more youth attend college.

That’s some interesting stuff our government which is made of of pro-choice and pro-life people, did not over turn  the presdient’s veto of insurance for children, but  they supported head start and early education programs which sick children who don’t have insurance won’t be able to attend.

Our government did support and increase in minum wage. That will help, but they passed a bill to allow more funds for educattion in the form of student loans, not increased student grants. Now your uninsuraced child can get into debt to get an education.

God Bless the USA

In Missouri, approximately 127,000 children, a little over 9% of the

child population, lack health insurance.

Children’s Defense Fund Counter


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