Reflections on Church of her own

I am reading a book A Church of Her Own ( What happens when a woman takes the pulpit). I don’t think I have been called to minister. I am searching for my purpose and anxious to fulfill my destiny. The text provided two definitions for minister. Minister the noun: clergyman, ceric, ecclesiastic, pastor, shepherd, parson, dominie, man of the cloth, servant of God, reverend, father, padre, priest, liturgist. Minister the verb: serve, care for attend to , wait on, accommodate, oblique, befriend, favor, help aid, assist, abet, succor, relieve, comfort, console, give solace nurse, heal, cure, remedy.

According to Sarah Sentilles the author minister the verb describes the women’s role in church and that most denominations don’t like to give women ministers the title. she describes how long before women were ordained in various denominations that were active in ministry. She also discusses how women who were rejected from the ministry became leaders in the women’s rights movement.


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