I was reading the St. Louis Black Pages 2007 edition. I know the 2008 edition is out. I’m a little slow on my reading there are so many wonderful things to read. The 2007 edition of the Black pages has a section called Empowerment is Imperative, The Road to Empowerment. The Road to empowerment has four parts awareness, vision, strategy, and action.

The root word Empower according to Webster is to give official authority or legal power too. I have always said I wanted to empower others through media. I have had this vision since I was a teenager. I went away to college with the intention of making it happen, but I didn’t have strategy. I waited for someone to discover me and see how great of a writer I am.

For years I was distracted and couldn’t empower myself less at know empower anyone else. Dealing with dyslexia almost caused me to give up on writing. Moses was a strutter but still God used him to be a great leader. In 2005 I attended a Leading Ladies retreat and learned about setting goals and planning. After the retreat I began working on my first book which will be published soon. Now I am in the planning stage for my publications company.

Thank you to all my friends, family ,and supporters you are the wind beneath my wings that allow me to soar like an eagle.


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