A while ago I did a post about people who were previously homeless but now millionaires. At first the idea of a homeless person becoming a millionaire seemed close to impossible to me. In college when I was asked that question I responded that it was highly unlikely. There were too many other obstacles. From My personal experience, I realized the obstacles homeless people face. The one characteristic I noticed is that with the homeless people that became millionaires is they all had faith in God.

Today I was reading about Tyler Perry and they were talking about it’s improbable that a homeless man would become a Hollywood producer/director. I thought why is it improbable, I think one reason we think that is because homeless people lack resources and we want to link that to intelligence, but intelligence has nothing to do with the amount of resources you have.

Mr. Perry has made an impact on the entertainment industry. In an industry  where obscenity sells he has produced box office smashes with positive messages. He credits God for giving him the inspiration and he credits his faith for being able to see his vision become a reality.

With God, the improbable becomes the extraordinary. Joseph was a slave and imprisoned and he became the second in command in Egypt. Esther was a Jewish orphan in a foreign land and she became Queen. David was a Shepard who became King. Because Joseph, David and Esther had faith they were able to become extraordinary leaders and they had a profound impact on society.


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